The below galleries are pictures of the spaces available to rent at the St. Andrews District Community Center. Our shared-use, licensed commercial kitchen space is available for use for small or large events. We can accommodate weddings, anniversaries, concerts, dances and bingos, card plays and larger meetings.

Main Hall

$60/hour (bar+projector) $5 alcoholic tickets and $1 pop/juice cash bar

Oak and Owl Club

Smaller room/seniors centre: $40/hour – includes small kitchen

Kitchen Addon

Kitchen Added to the main hall is $150

Propane stove, oven and grill, smaller stove/oven, 2 large kitchen spaces with plenty of counter spaces, large industrial dishwasher, roller carts, cutlery, dishes, serving platters, plates, bowls, pots/pans, 2 large fridges and freezer with plenty of space, serving trays, bread baskets, wine glasses, water glasses, rocks glasses,, tea/coffee mugs and water jugs.