Please note: St. Andrews District Community Center abides by all Nova Scotia Liquor License Acts And Regulations

Download the St. Andrews District Community Center Rental Agreement in PDF format here.

Wedding Rentals

  1. A rental fee of $700.00 will be charged for the St. Andrews District Com-munity Centre. This does not include the Kitchen or Senior’s Room.
  2. The Senior’s Room, if rented in conjunction with the Main Hall, will be a flat rate of $100.
  3. Community Seniors will be exempt from charge on use of the Senior’s Room.
  4. Caterer’s charge for full use of the kitchen (includes commercial propane stove, commercial dishwasher, all dishware, cutlery and glassware) is $150.Kitchen is to be left thoroughly cleaned at the conclusion of function.
    This includes all tableware cleaned and put away, counter-tops cleaned,
    all garbage and remaining food removed, and floor mopped.
  5. Partial use of the kitchen (no use of stove, dishwasher, or tableware) is $75.
  6. Hall rental for fundraising events shall be $250 (excludes kitchen fee).


  • All non-profit 4-H functions shall be exempt.
  • All community funeral receptions shall be exempt.
  • Community organizations hosting non-profit events for the community youth shall be exempt.
Main Hall

Rental Policies

  1. “Building” means the building, parking lot and surrounding property.
  2. Maximum capacity for the Community Center for a dance 337. If the Senior’s Room is booked for the same function, maximum capacity is 438.
  3. Community Center theatre-style function maximum capacity of 500.
  4. Maximum capacity for the Senior’s Room is 60.
  5. Maximum capacity for Community Center for full dinner is 310.
  6. The renter agrees to exercise proper care in the use of the premises, and to cover the cost of any damages resulting from the occupancy or use of the premises, or any portion thereof.
  7. The renter must provide a copy of the receipt from Nova Scotia Liquor Commission when using wine, spirits or beer on guest’s tables at a wedding reception. Absolutely no homemade wine is allowed, or wine purchased / produced at a wine-making retail outlet.
  8. The renter agrees to provide the Community Center with a list of persons under 19 years of age, at functions where the bar is in operation.
  9. The Community Center or its Board of Directors shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or theft to:
    1. Persons using premises
    2. Vehicles, contents, or any property in them
    3. Personal property brought to premises
  10. All personal property brought to the premises is the sole responsibility of the owner and is done so at their own risk.
  11. St. Andrews District Community Center or its Boards of Directors shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage caused for any reason. The above shall not be liable for any loss or damage cause by acts or omissions by the user, occupants, employees, agents, servants and invitees, and in no events shall the above be liable for any consequences or indirect damage suffered by the user.
  12. The user shall indemnify the owner against all liability, claims, damages or expenses due to – or arising out of – any act neglect by the user, their servants, employees, agents, invitees or licensees on or about the premises, or due to – or arising out of – any breach by the user of any provision to this agreement. This includes liability for injury or damages by the persons or property of the user, servants, employees, agents, invitees and licensees. The indemnification provided herein shall survive the termination of the agreement and shall be binding in the user, their heirs, successors, and assigns, and shall ensure to the benefit of the owner, successor and assigns.
  13. Rentals that include the use of the bar:
    1. The bar will be opened and closed as required by the liquor license, and the premises vacated no later than one hour after closing time stated on the liquor license
    2. No bottled beer is to leave the bar; all spirits must be served in cups.
    3. Guests are not permitted to leave the building with drinks of any kind, including alcoholic beverages, water, coffee, tea or soda.
  14. The user will comply with all statutes, regulations and by-laws of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, which may in any way affect the premises for use and occupation. In particular the provision of the Fire Prevention Act and regulations made thereunder, and the Liquor License Act and regulations made thereunder shall be applicable to the premises.
  15. No items shall be attached to the walls or ceilings without prior consent of a Community Center Representative. All decorations must be removed before vacating the premises in consultation with the Manager.

*Note: Non-compliance with the above may result in loss-of-use of the Center for an indefinite period of time.

Download the St. Andrews District Community Center Rental Agreement in PDF format here.